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Tired of lackluster and inconsistent marketing? Get a dedicated full-time marketing expert for marketing strategy and consulting, email campaigns, social posting, blogging, online advertising, graphic design, website maintenance, copywriting, and more.


With Continuum, you get beautiful custom marketing that’s data-driven, client-centric, and professional. We prioritize learning what makes your business unique to create a powerful value offer to your clients.

Our $1,800 monthly package includes:

2 Email campaigns

Sent bi-weekly.


2 Blog posts

Researched, written, SEO optimized, edited, and posted bi-weekly.


16 Social posts

4 per week, from approved sources or from you directly.


1 Advertising campaign

Researched, discussed, created, and delivered.


2-4 Meetings

Big picture marketing strategy, reporting, and general consulting. We specialize in ethical business practices, marketing perspective shifts, business development strategy, customer relationship strategies, and creating a healthy work/life balance

2 hours of graphic design

Interchangeable with other hours.


2 hours of copywriting

Interchangeable with other hours.


2 hours of customer service

Interchangeable with other hours.


2 hours of website maintenance

Interchangeable with other hours.

Our monthly packages are flexible and allow for shifts in efforts to better fit what works best in your industry.


Need something a little less or more comprehensive? Send us a message and we’ll figure out what’s right for your business.

Think we might be a good fit?

Our business ethos is rooted in open communication, mutual growth, and an unwavering commitment to placing people first. If this sounds compatible with what you’re creating, we’d love to see how we can work together.

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